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Deepen your connection to the natural world, the Otherworld, your essential self, the plant & animal kingdoms through my animal communication courses & nature spirituality. Find out about the Animal Communication Apprenticeship Certified Diploma course, animal communication classes & other events..

Animal Communication Apprenticeship & Diploma courses

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The Apprenticeship is divided into three levels plus certification..

Each of these animal communication courses includes written course materials with video and audio content. The animal communication courses are also supported by webinars, private tutorials, as well as online practice classes.

Animal Communication Certification Courses Level One

Level One

Beginner • self-study


Animal Communication Certified Courses Level Two

Level Two

Intermediate • self-study

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Animal Communication Certified Diploma Course Level Three

Level Three

Advanced • self-study

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Diploma in Animal Communication Certified Course

Diploma Certification

advanced • supported

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Choose your pathway..

Animal Communication Certification Courses Level One

self-study pathway

study at your own pace

The Self-Study Pathway allows you to study at your own pace, in your own time. This pathway is available at Level One & Level Two.

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Level One & Level Two are designed to be a twenty week courses. However you can work through it faster or slower depending on your preference.

Every month a new module becomes available to you.  There are a total of 4 modules available as self-study in Level One. Once you reach Level Two you will continue through course material on a self-study basis but you will be asked to join our Hub community and attend the fortnightly Animal Communication Practice Class. 

Why not join The Hub, our Online Animal Communication Community to find a study-buddy?


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Animal Communication Certified Courses Level Two

Certification Pathway


The Diploma Certification Pathway is for those wishing to develop their animal communication skills to a professional standard.

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The Apprenticeship in its totality (L1, L2, L3) comprises 8 modules in total, 3 x private tutorials PLUS 6 x Group Tutorials at Level Three as well as attendance at our fortnightly Animal Communication Practice Group from L2 onwards. 

It is designed over a 60 week period but you can go at your own pace.

Periods of pauses and consolidation are perfectly acceptable!


Once you have passed the first 5 x case histories (see below), you will be able to join our Animal Communication Café, free to those who are Hub Members. The café offers mentorship and peer-support for those beginning to work with practice clients.


Once you have been awarded the Certificate of Completion for Level One, you will be asked to apply for Level Two.

Once you have gained the Certificate of Completion for Level Two, you will be asked to apply for Level Three.


If you choose the Certified Diploma Course Pathway, you will be asked to keep a written record of your journal notes for me to see at Level One, Two & Three in the form of workbooks which will be provided.

You will also be asked to complete 8 case histories. You can begin your case histories part way through Level Two when you feel ready. The first 5 case histories are written and the remaining 3 case histories are completed at Level Three. You will be asked to provide video-recordings of the 3 Level Three case histories.

Additionally, there are two written assignments to complete.

NB: if you find written work a challenge, voice recordings are acceptable too. Please remember: animals do not need you to be academic. This is not an academic course.


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