I have become obsessed with the heart centre, the ‘heart mind’. 


When I allow my awareness to drop from my head and let it trickle gently down to my heart centre, my whole being calm; my nervous system unruffles its feathers and I feel safe. 


Before when I thought I had something to say, something to add to the conversation, my heart assures me there is no need. 


On other occasions, a bubble of energy arises from the cauldron of my belly and travels upwards to arrive in my heart centre. On these occasions, I like to allow it to rest choose in the vessel of my heart – enough time for me to choose words that match the energy. Words come out of my mouth as if they are echoing around my heart chamber. There is no need to push the energy forwards into the space in front of me. 


Things go well with other humans when I remember to do this. The words seem to tumble out as if they have more sound, more meaning. Beautiful moments of connection occur. My heart relaxes and expands. 


What my head wants to say is rarely what my heart wants to say.


Sometimes the bubbles of energy that rise up from my belly move through a barrier of vulnerability or fear, causing me to cry or feel choked as I speak. This is usually the case if the energy being expressed is newly uncovered; has been held there for a long time or is about something that has remained unsaid. Or perhaps I fear revealing my innermost being.


Yet my wise heart rarely reveals itself in this manner if it feels unsafe, preferring to close its petals in an act of self-protection, a job for which it is better suited than my head. 


If, when the fear is too great, the bubble of energy from my belly moves through my heart and onwards up to my head, then the truth of my heart is lost. I am less likely to be heard, though my voice may be louder and more animated. The opportunity for connection has been missed. 


My head says things that my heart doesn’t. When afraid, my head mind begins to justify, defends, blames, promotes its opinion, steers, evaluates and makes statements of ‘fact’. 


My heart mind knows that it is afraid. 


Without my practice of animal communication, I would never have learned this. How to speak from the heart without extending my energy forwards. How to match the silent language of the heart with words. And how to listen to the hearts and minds of animals; how to pass on their messages. 


It has been the art of animal communication that has gone a great distance in improving my communication with humans. It has helped me to be more connected to who I am, the essential self within me. It has helped turn around relationships that I thought were lost.


Come and join me in France for a 5 day animal & nature retreat, entitled ‘Heart Song’ where we will come together to explore the incredible mind of the heart, how it can help us heal ourselves, our relationships with humans, with animals and to learn to communicate with humans and animals so that they can truly hear what you are saying. 




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