The Hedge Fund

The Hedge Fund

For Goats

The Hedge Fund For Goats is a new initiative under the wing of the Druid College of Seership. It has been born out of love and concern for the welfare of goats. Having shared our lives with goats for many years, it is the fulfillment of our heart’s desire to contribute to their lives & welfare, knowing how much they have given to us.

Because goats are people too...

Hedge Fund Goat Sanctuary

Our Aims

The Hedge Fund Goat Sanctuary is a new not-for-profit organisation (Association Loi du 1901) based in France whose primary aim is to:

  • provide a place of sanctuary for the care and nurturing of goats
  • welcome neglected, maltreated, or abandoned goats – or those destined for the abattoir
  • to secure permanent loving homes for as many goats as we can

Our secondary aim is to:

  • become ambassadors for goats
  • raise awareness of welfare issues affecting goats
  • champion goats’ rights to enjoy the Five Freedoms* adopted by the World Organisation for Animal Health

*The five freedoms as currently expressed are:

  1. Freedom from hunger or thirst 
  2. Freedom from discomfort 
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  4. Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour
  5. Freedom from fear and distress  

We know that the goats that we can help make up a tiny fraction of the whole. But by standing together to demonstrate that there is another way of perceiving these incredible animals, we will be sharing our vision of a kinder, more compassionate world for farm animals.

How You Can Help

By filming their development we hope to help raise awareness of these goats’ plight, encouraging other people to see them as we do. Please help us to make these goats lives matter. 

We know how sensitive goats are. We know how clever and curious they are. We cannot rescue all goats but we can, in a small way, demonstrate that goats are people too.

When a goat has come to the end of her useful milking life, she is often sent to the slaughter house. Sometimes, she may not produce enough milk for the dairy and she suffers the same fate. More often than not, her kids, (mostly males), that she has had in order to produce milk are taken away from her at birth and are killed. Sometimes, though often not, they are reared for their meat.

the college of seership

courses & diploma in animal communication, nature spirituality 

The College of Seership offers online & in person courses in nature spirituality & animal communication. The College of Seership offers an animal communication course, and a certified animal communication course - over a year-long animal communication apprenticeship diploma training course. All of the college's online as well as in person courses are set within the framework of nature based spirituality.

The College of Seership has a list of recommended professional animal communicators offering animal communication consultations to those wanting to understand things from their animal's perspective.  Animal communication consultations can really help your relationship with your animal. Those that complete the Diploma in Animal Communication belong to the Council of Animal Ambassadors and are offered continued professional support through the College's Animal Communication Cafés, Seership Circles, Circles as well as additional workshops & trainings.

Susie Shiner is the founder of the College of Seership and is one of the most highly regarded animal communicators. She has a You Tube channel where you can watch animal communication demonstrations.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.