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Most of my time is spent running the School of Seership and teaching others the incredible skill of animal communication as well as other forms of seership, helping people to deepen their relationship with the natural world.

For a time, I will be offering Animal Communication Consultations to clients. Consultations are for animals in physical form as well as in spirit.

100% of the price of your donation will go towards helping the animals in our care, by helping to pay for their housing, veterinary costs, feed & fencing costs. This includes our HedgeFund For Goats*.

Donation: £225 / € 225 / $225


  1. Step One: Follow this link to my Payment Page to make your donation via bank transfer. Please use your surname as a reference.
  2. Step Two: Once your payment is complete, please send an e-mail to with the name, species, breed, gender, age of your animal and how long you have been together. Also include the main reason you are seeking a consultation, eg: behaviour issue, end-of-life issue, in spirit, etc. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANY MORE INFORMATION THAN THIS. This way I can bring through evidence that I am truly communicating with your animal. Please also include a photograph of your animal in the e-mail.
  3. Once I have received everything, I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for our appointment.
  4. Consultations last 45 minutes and are conducted via Zoom Audio.
  5. If you get stuck or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Information about our HedgeFund For Goats* will be included on this website soon!

“Thank you so much, Susie, for the wonderful conversation you had with Trudy. So much of the information could only have been known by Trudy and myself. I will never look upon her as the same dog! I feel so much closer to her and will never forget how she gazed into your eyes as you conversed with each other. I am so glad that what I thought was going to be a disastrous trip to the vet turned out to be our salvation. Thank you so much.”

R. H., Midsomer Norton

About Susie Shiner: Founder of the school of seership


animal communicator, psychic medium & shamanic teacher

Susie Shiner is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators. She is the Founder of the School of Seership which offers training courses, an apprenticeship and training in Celtic shamanism, druidry & animal communication. Susie also has established a You Tube channel which offers animal communication demonstrations to the public. Susie now concentrates her time on her shamanic teaching through the School of Seership whilst the very best graduates of her Diploma in Animal Communication now offer animal communication consultations. The School of Seership training courses and year long animal communication apprenticeship diploma training course are set within the framework of druidry & Celtic shamanism. 

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.  A gifted pet psychic with exceptional seer and telepathy abilities, she provides animal communication training, animal communication workshops, an online animal communication course as well as a year long animal communication apprenticeship and diploma, teaching you to talk to your pets - just like Dr Doolittle!