Animal Communication Apprenticeship - Level Two

Animal Communication Apprenticeship

Level Two


Level Two is the second of the three animal communication courses that make up the Apprenticeship & Diploma training course in its entirety.


Primarily, in Level Two of the Animal Communication Apprenticeship, the focus is on practicing the art of receiving the thoughts of an animal. Because at this stage you will be putting all the pieces together that you have learned, you will now be able to hold a thought conversation with an animal. As a result, and perhaps most excitingly, you will be receiving information about the animal that you could not possibly have known in any other way.


If you are wishing to practice animal communication professionally, it is at this stage that you may begin your case histories, recording your animal conversations. In order to qualify for the Diploma in Animal Communication you will be asked to complete all three levels of the Apprenticeship successfully as well as completing a total of 8 case histories. 


Additionally, at this stage of the Apprenticeship, we dive into the ethics of animal communication in practice: how to work ethically with the animal’s human guardian and think about what animal communication can do and what it cannot. Meanwhile your practice in Celtic shamanism / druidry continues.


Much of the learning is carried out on the six Zoom Group Tutorials that we share together. This will give you the chance to practice your new found skills with the animals of other apprentices.


Level Two of the Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training Course is the second of the THREE animal communication courses that make up the Apprenticeship and is a pre-requisite for The Advanced Level & Diploma.


“Animal Communication is beyond intuition: it is a direct way of holding a thought conversation with an animal. Through listening to animals in this way one comes to the undeniable truth that they are made of the same soul stuff as we are and that they have far more intelligence and insight than we have been taught.”
Susie Shiner

How The Course Is Structured…

This Level Two course is an online course with fortnightly Zoom Meetings. It is held over a 16 week period.

It consists of:

  • course notes
  • video material
  • meditation and path working audios
  • gentle experiential exercises that you can carry out at home as well as outdoors in your local area
  • an ongoing journaling and meditation practice and self-reflective exercises
  • 6 x fortnightly 2.5 hour Group Tutorial on Zoom where we will share our experiences and your questions can be answered
  • 1 x half hour private tutorial with Susie
  • a personal practice group with whom to practice your animal communication skills
  • access to discussion groups

By the end of the course you will have:

– Further deepened your own spiritual practice within a celtic shamanic framework
– Deepened your connection to the natural world including the animal kingdom
-Begun to hold thought conversations with animals and have been taught how to hear their thoughts
– Learned how to communicate with an animal just from a photograph
– Learned how to communicate with living animals
– Learned how to scan an animal to find out information about health issues
– Gained the foundation upon which to pursue further study in the Advanced Level

Further Study & Diploma:

The Animal Communication Apprenticeship Level Two Course is a pre-requisite for advancement onto the Advanced Level and Diploma.  Once apprentices have successfully completed the assignments of all three animal communication courses, they are then free to work towards the Animal Communication Diploma Course . There is no additional fee for the Diploma certification once the Advanced Level is completed. Upon receipt of the Diploma, apprentices will have reached the necessary standard to practice as an animal communicator professionally or in conjunction with their current career with animals.

apprenticeship fees

NEW FORMAT – LEVEL ONE Self-Study:  £225 / $225 US / €225

LEVEL TWO FEE: Early Bird Fee: £645/$745 (Full Fee £750US $850)

ADVANCED LEVEL FEE: Early Bird Fee: £645/$745 (Full Fee £750US $850)


NB: All Apprenticeship Fees including deposits are non-refundable.

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About Susie Shiner, Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium

Susie Shiner is one of the most highly regarded animal communicators, offering demonstrations of animal communication animal communication consultations & animal communication courses. Her year long animal communication apprenticeship diploma course has druidry and shamanism as its framework and for those interested, can lead to a professional qualification and standard of practice.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press ‘reeling’ with evidence that your animals can really talk.  A gifted pet psychic with exceptional seer and telepathy abilities, she provides animal communication training, animal communication workshops, as well as a year long animal communication apprenticeship and diploma, teaching you to talk to your pets – just like Dr Doolittle!