Animal Communication Apprenticeship

Animal Communication Apprenticeship & diploma Training Course

The Animal Communication Apprenticeship & Diploma Training Course is a journey into the amazing world of animal communication and will bring you closer to the incredible community of other beings with whom we share our planet.

Learning the art of animal communication is life-changing. Through persistent practice you will acquire skills that you may only ever have dreamed of. It is guaranteed to wholly alter your perception of animals.

By taking this unique animal communication apprenticeship course you will not only learn the incredible art of animal communication but also will develop your own nature-based spiritual practice. Through learning the art of animal communication you gain a much deeper connection to the natural world as well as the animal kingdom.

Animal communication is the art of holding a thought conversation with an animal by listening for the universal language by which all beings communicate. It is a telepathic communication which profoundly alters our perception of animals: who we perceive them to be, our view of their lives and their loves.  Susie Shiner

Animal Communication Training Courses

Animal Communication Certification Courses Level One
Level One

Level One is the first step of the animal communication apprenticeship training course. It is the first step on your journey into the amazing world of animal communication.


The Level One Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training Course teaches you how to make the link with any animal and to communicate with them, so that they can truly hear what you are saying. You will learn how to conduct a ‘body scan’ to pick up any aches or pains an animal is feeling. You will also learn how to feel an animal’s emotions.

The apprenticeship is set within a Nature Spirituality framework and assists you in developing a spiritual practice to support the development of your seership.

At the end of Level One, not only will you have learned how to be heard by an animal telepathically, you will also have begun your first steps onto a spiritual path that will change your relationship with yourself, Nature & with the Otherworld for the rest of your life.

Level One Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training Course is a pre-requisite for Level Two , Level Three & Diploma Certified Course.

Animal Communication Certified Courses Level Two
Level Two

During the Level Two Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training Course, you will learn how to receive the thoughts of animals as telepathic thought conversation.


Thought conversation is different from sensing or feeling what animals may be thinking or feeling and it is world’s apart from ‘intuitively guessing’.

It provides you with real and verifiable information about how an animal is thinking or feeling and what it has experienced.

In this course, you will learn how to communicate with animals that are in physical bodies as well as those that have passed into spirit.

At the successful completion of Level Two, you will be well on the way to understanding the difference between receiving information energetically from an animal and hearing thought conversation.

You will also have been given the tools with which to learn to tease out thought conversation from your own internal dialogue.

Level Two Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training Course is a pre-requisite for the Level Three & the Diploma Course in Animal Communication.


Animal Communication Certified Diploma Course Level Three
Level Three

At Level Three, apprentices are deepening their nature-based spiritual practice and their understanding of who they are in relation to the whole of nature.


Level Three is concerned with coming to stand in our sovereignty as a seer and animal communicator.

It is at this stage that you will be honing your skills and you will be well on the way to achieving an excellent standard of animal communication.

animal communication diploma course

The Diploma pathway prepares the you to reach a standard of excellence where you are able to practice animal communication professionally.


The Diploma in Animal Communication is awarded to those apprentices who have consistently demonstrated an exceptional standard of animal communication as well as who have demonstrated the necessary humility, integrity and self-knowledge required to practice professionally.

animal communication certified diploma course

By learning the art of animal communication, we are necessarily laying the foundation for all forms of seership, including mediumship and for that reason it is wise to learn it within an nature spirituality framework in order to maintain balance and harmony.

To learn any form of seership, we must enlist the aid of a higher power for protection and safety as well as come into right relationship with nature, the Otherworld and the animal kingdom.

Nature Spirituality teaches balance and harmony and a deep love and respect for the ‘wild’ and for nature.

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Susie Shiner : Online School

Online animal communicator course & certified Apprenticeship diploma course in animal communication

Susie's Online School offers an online animal communicator course as well as a certified apprenticeship diploma course.

Why not join the Hub? The Hub is an online community of animal lovers and like-minded people hosting a variety of events. 

On the consultations page you will find a list of recommended professional animal communicators all of whom are Diploma Graduates from her Online School.

A consultations can really help your relationship with your animal.

Those who complete the Diploma Course are offered continued professional support through her Cafés, Classes & other events.

Susie Shiner is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators. She has a YouTube channel where you can watch her demonstrations of what animals are truly communicating.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.