Level Three


Level Three Animal Communicator Course Online

Level Three is the last online animal communicator course which makes up the Apprenticeship & Diploma Course.

As well as the comprehensive course material, you will also enjoy continued access to our Animal Communication Practice Class through Hub Membership.

In Level One & Two, you began a spiritual practice in Nature Spirituality, exploring a map of the cosmos in the Middleworld, increasing your self-knowledge and deepening your connection to the natural world.

Finally, at Level Three, your nature spirituality practice deepens and you will journey to both the Underworld and Upperworld in your quest to understand your place within the natural order and to come to stand within your own sovereignty.

Moreover, through this online animal communicator course you will have been given the tools necessary to hold a thought conversation with an animal for at least 45 minutes confidently.

This is because you will have immersed yourself in the practice of your nature spirituality as well as your developing animal communication skills.

By now, you will have experienced the power of animal communication for yourself on many occasions. Additionally, your confidence will have grown in this incredible art.

Your perception of animals will likely have altered and you will have entered a world where the veils of your second sight have been lifted. 

You will have become a voice for the animal kingdom and have the tools with which to deal with human clients with compassion. 


What You’ll Learn

Animal Communicator Course Online – Advanced

By the end of the course you will have:

  • A thorough grounding in Nature Spirituality & developed a strong spiritual practice
  • A far deeper connection to the natural world, the Otherworld & the animal kingdom
  • Developed your ‘second sight’
  • Learned the art of animal communication to a professional standard
  • A deep understanding of how to maintain balance and self-knowledge
  • Learned how to link with an animal just from a photograph
  • Learned how to make a link with living animals
  • Learned how to scan an animal to find out information about health issues
  • Learned how to hold a thought conversation with an animal & receive information from them for at least 45mins
  • Be confident in passing on information to an animal’s guardian




Level One Certificate of Completion
Level Two Certificate of Completion
Hub Membership

Further Study

Diploma Certification

The Diploma Certification runs concurrently with L2 & L3.

Upon successful completion of the 8 x case histories, 2 x written (or recorded) assignments of the Diploma Certified Course, you will be awarded the Diploma in Animal Communication in recognition of the high standard of animal communication that you have attained. You will be able to practice professionally as an animal communicator or as part of your existing career with animals.

On-going Support & Mentorship

Ongoing mentorship & peer-support is provided through our Animal Communication Cafés as well as Hub Membership for Level Three apprentices as well as Diploma Certified Course Graduates.

How the course is structured

L3 online animal communicator course comprises:

  • course notes
  • video material
  • meditation and path working audios
  • gentle experiential exercises that you can carry out at home as well as outdoors in your local area
  • an ongoing journaling and meditation practice and self-reflective exercises
  • tuition with me in person through 6 x 2.5 hour long Online Group Tutorials
  • connection with other apprentices with whom to practice your animal communication skills
  • access to our Hub Forum
  • eligibility to join our Animal Communication Class & Animal Communication Café
  • 1 x 1 hour private tutorial with me in person

Level Three Modules

Animal Communicator Course Online Structure

Introduction to level three
  • Welcome 
The Underworld
  • The Dragon’s Egg : The Undeworld
  • The Four Directions / Elements
  • Pathworking Audio : Creating Sacred Space
  • Pathworking Reflections
  • Love, Reverence & Gratitude
  • Audio : The Underworld Journey
  • Pathworking Reflections
  • Nature Exercise : The Underworld
  • Nature Exercise Reflections
  • The Underworld : Taking Stock
The Upperworld
  • The Dragon’s Egg : The Upperworld
  • Nature Exercise : The Upperworld
  • Nature Exercise Reflections 
  • Audio : The Upperworld Journey
  • Pathworking Reflections
  • The Upperworld : Taking Stock
  • The Dragon’s Egg : Sovereignty
  • Nature Exercise : Finding your staff
  • Create your own ceremony
  • Reflections
  • Completing the Picture / Wheel
  • Sovereignty : Taking Stock
  • A note about the Diploma Certificate
  • A Final Word

Choose your pathway at Level Three..

Fully-supported pathway
Level Three



Certification pathway

Level Three


Fully-Supported animal communicator course online



At Level Three, you will now be working with me on a personal basis. Level Three consists of course materials to work through at your own pace PLUS 6 x online group tutorials and 1 x private tutorial in person with me.


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Additionally, you will be asked to join The Hub, our friendly Online Animal Communication Community in order to join the Animal Communication Practice Class which in an integral part of Level Two & Level Three.


You will now be invited to attend Group Tutorials where you will be working with me on an individual basis along with a small group of Level Three apprentices.

Group Tutorials are held on a fortnightly basis.


The Apprenticeship in its totality (L1, L2, L3) comprises 8 modules in total, a private tutorials with me and + 6 x Group Tutorials on a fornightly basis with me.

The whole of the Apprenticeship is designed over a 60 week period. Again, you can go at your own pace.


If you wish to join Level Three, you will need to have received a Level One Certificate of Completion and a Level Two Certificate of Completion which involves keeping a record of written notes.


It is possible to complete Level Three without the Diploma Course requirement of completing case histories or written assignments – unless you wish to become certified and gain the Diploma in Animal Communication. (See opposite)

animal communicator course online

Certification Pathway


Choose this pathway if you wish to reach an excellent standard of animal communication and/or wish to gain certification as recognition of your achievement. You will continue to be supported through the Animal Communication Cafés.

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The Apprenticeship in its totality (L1, L2, L3) comprises 8 modules in total, a private tutorial and plus 6 x Group Tutorials at Level Three

It is designed over a 60 week period but you can go at your own pace.

Periods of pauses and consolidation are perfectly acceptable!


Once you have passed the first 5 x case histories (see below), you will be able to join our Animal Communication Café, free to those who are Hub Members. The café offers mentorship and peer-support for those beginning to work with practice clients.


Once you have been awarded the Certificate of Completion for Level One, you will be asked to apply for Level Two.

Once you have gained the Certificate of Completion for Level Two, you will be asked to apply for Level Three.


If you choose the Certified Diploma Course Pathway, you will be asked to keep a written record of your journal notes for me to see at Level One, Two & Three in the form of workbooks which will be provided.

You will also be asked to complete 8 case histories. You can begin your case histories part way through Level Two when you feel ready. The first 5 case histories are written and the remaining 3 case histories are completed at Level Three. You will be asked to provide video-recordings of the 3 Level Three case histories.

Additionally, there are two written assignments to complete.

NB: if you find written work a challenge, voice recordings are acceptable too. Please remember: animals do not need you to be academic. This is not an academic course.


Animal communication is the art of holding a thought conversation with an animal by listening for the universal language by which all beings communicate. It is a telepathic communication which profoundly alters our perception of animals: who we perceive them to be, our view of their lives and their loves.  Susie Shiner

Susie Shiner : Online School

Online animal communicator course & certified Apprenticeship diploma course in animal communication

Susie's Online School offers an online animal communicator course as well as a certified apprenticeship diploma course.

Why not join the Hub? The Hub is an online community of animal lovers and like-minded people hosting a variety of events. 

On the consultations page you will find a list of recommended professional animal communicators all of whom are Diploma Graduates from her Online School.

A consultations can really help your relationship with your animal.

Those who complete the Diploma Course are offered continued professional support through her Cafés, Classes & other events.

Susie Shiner is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators. She has a YouTube channel where you can watch her demonstrations of what animals are truly communicating.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.