Diploma Course


Diploma in Animal Communication Course Certification 

The Diploma Course in Animal Communication is for those seeking a career in Animal Communication or who dream of achieving excellence in animal communication.

If you are seeking to become a professional animal communicator or would like to attain an excellent standard of animal communication as an adjunct to your chosen career with animals,  then this is the pathway for you.

The Diploma Certification Course offers you all the skills necessary to communicate the thoughts of animals with a high degree of accuracy. It prepares you for working with clients, covers ethical issues and offers ongoing support after completion through the Council of Animal Ambassadors.

What you’ll receive

Over the course of the Animal Communication Apprenticeship, the Diploma Certification Pathway includes:

  • comprehensive course notes at all levels over a minimum period of 60 weeks divided into 8 modules
  • hours of video lessons
  • meditation and path working audios
  • 6 x group tutorials in person with me at Level Three
  • 3 x private tutorial in person with me
  • regular contact with other apprentices with whom to practice your animal communication skills via weekly calls

Additionally via Hub membership, you will be able to access:

  • a fortnightly 2.5 hr Animal Communication Class
  • access to the 2.5 hr Seership Class
  • mentorship and ongoing support through the Animal Communication Café through your training and beyond

    What You’ll Learn

    Once you have completed the Diploma Course in Animal Communication, you will:

    • Have developed a high standard of animal communication necessary to practice animal communication at a professional level
    • Be able to hold a thought conversation with an animal for 45 minutes or more.
    • Be able to communicate with an animal just from a photograph
    • Be able to communicate with living animals present
    • Be competent at scanning animals to find out information about health issues
    • Have developed a high degree of self-awareness to support maintenance of your skills
    • Have developed a spiritual practice that will support you through any challenges
    • Have learned how to deliver your messages in a gentle, compassionate way
    • Feel effective, confident and be given tools to work with human clients empathetically
    • Be familiar with the ethical issues surrounding animal communication
    • Have a strong honour code
    • Belong to an inspirational group of people, devoted to being compassionate voices for animals and dedicated to changing the world for them.

    the Diploma Award:

    Level One Certificate of Completion

      Before moving onto Level Two and to qualify for the Diploma in Animal Communication, you will need to have a Certificate of Completion for Level One.

      You will have worked through the course material via Self-Study. You may also be a Hub member.

      Level One comprises:

        • Course materials
        • 1 x private tutorial

      Towards the end of Level One, you will begin practising your animal communication with other apprentices by arranging weekly calls.

      At the end of Level One, you will be asked to complete submissions of all of your assignments.

      Upon successful completion of the assignments of Level One, you will be awarded the Level One Certificate of Completion.

      Level Two Certificate of Completion

      To qualify for the Diploma in Animal Communication, you will need to have a Certificate of Completion for Level Two.

      At Level Two, you will be supported in your learning by being a Hub Member.

      Level Two comprises:

      • Course materials
      • Animal Communication Practice Class
      • 1 x private tutorial
      • Weekly calls with other apprentices
      • Part way through Level Two you will begin the first 5 Case Histories

      As a Level Two Hub member you will be able to now access:

      • Animal Communication Practice Class
      • Seership Class

      Whilst still benefiting from:

      • Discussion Forum
      • Community Cafes
      • Video Content
      • Articles

      Throughout Level Two, you will continue your animal communication practice. Your calls with other apprentices to swap photographs of your animals will continue.

      At the end of Level Two, you will be asked to complete a workbook of all of your assignments and to have a private tutorial with me.

      Upon successful completion of the assignments of Level Two, you will be awarded the Level Two Certificate of Completion.

      As you feel ready, you may also be beginning your 5 animal communication case histories. These can also be begun at Level Three.

      Level Three Certificate of Completion

      At Level Three, you will begin to follow the Fully-Supported Pathway.

      At this stage, you will have receive course materials.

      You will also be being supported through 6 x Group Tutorials, led by me.

      You will continue to attend the Animal Communication Practice Class and belong to the Hub.

      Part way through Level Three, you may begin to complete your last 3 case histories.

      You will continue to learn alongside other apprentices by continuing your animal communication practice and the swapping of animal photographs or video calls.

      At the end of Level Three, you will be asked to record your submissions and to arrange a private tutorial with me to support your progress.

      Once all the course material assignments have been completed successfully, you will be awarded a Level Three Certificate of Completion.

      Case Histories

      In order to qualify for the Diploma, you will be asked to complete a total of 8 animal communication case histories.

      The first 5 of these will be written (a recording of your notes is acceptable too).

      The last 3 case histories are completed at Level Three. These are video recordings of animal communication consultations with clients that you do not know. This is to prepare you for the world as a professional animal communicator.

      Your case histories must include:

      • 2 Dogs
      • 2 Cats
      • 2 Horses
      • 2 domestic animals of other species
      Written / Recorded Assignments

      The final requirement of the Diploma certification is the completion of two essays.

      The first essay is a short essay, the second is a little more in-depth.

      If writing is difficult for you, you may voice-record these.

      Please remember: this is not an academic course and these assignments are accessible to all.

      Diploma Certificate Award

      Once you have completed all of the above successfully, you will be awarded the Diploma in Animal Communication in respect of the high standard of skill you have attained. You will then be able to practice Animal Communication professionally.


      Advanced Professional Standard

      Certification Requirements

      Level One Certificate of Completion
      Level Two Certificate of Completion
      Level Three Certificate of Completion
      8 Successfully Completed Case Histories
      2 x Written (or recorded) Assignments
      Hub Membership

      Ongoing Support after certification

      Animal Communication Café
      Hub Membership
      Council of Animal Ambassadors

      Certification pathway

      Self-Study or Certification Pathway at Level One



      Self-Study or Certification Pathway at Level Two



      level Three Certification Pathway



      hub membership


      Susie Shiner : Online School

      Online animal communicator course & certified Apprenticeship diploma course in animal communication

      Susie's Online School offers an online animal communicator course as well as a certified apprenticeship diploma course.

      Why not join the Hub? The Hub is an online community of animal lovers and like-minded people hosting a variety of events. 

      On the consultations page you will find a list of recommended professional animal communicators all of whom are Diploma Graduates from her Online School.

      A consultations can really help your relationship with your animal.

      Those who complete the Diploma Course are offered continued professional support through her Cafés, Classes & other events.

      Susie Shiner is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators. She has a YouTube channel where you can watch her demonstrations of what animals are truly communicating.

      Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.