Animal Communication Apprenticeship - Level One

Animal Communication Apprenticeship Course

Level One Animal Communication Course Online

Level One of the Animal Communication Apprenticeship Course is the first step on a journey into the amazing world of animal communication. This animal communication course teaches you how to make the link with any animal and to communicate with them, so that they can truly hear what you are saying. Throughout this animal communication course, you will learn how to conduct a ‘body scan’ to pick up any aches or pains an animal is feeling. Not only that, you will also learn how to feel an animal’s emotions.  You will learn to do this from either a photograph or in person.

At the end of Level One animal communication course not only will you have learned how to be heard by an animal telepathically, you will also have begun your first steps onto a druid or shamanic spiritual path that will change your relationship with yourself, Nature & with the Otherworld for the rest of your life.

Level One Animal Communication Apprenticeship Training Course is a pre-requisite for Level Two and the Advanced Level as well as the Animal Communication Diploma.

level one


£ € $ 165 – 225

For English & French Speakers

50% discount for French speakers!

Animal Communication Courses & Diploma

“Animal Communication is beyond intuition: it is a direct way of holding a thought conversation with an animal. Through listening to animals in this way one comes to the undeniable truth that they are made of the same soul stuff as we are and that they have far more intelligence and insight than we have been taught.”
Susie Shiner

How The Course Is Structured…


This animal communication course is an online self-paced / self-study experiential course. It usually takes a minimum of SIXTEEN weeks to complete.

It consists of:

  • course notes
  • video material
  • meditation and path working audios
  • gentle experiential exercises that you can carry out at home as well as outdoors in your local area
  • an ongoing journaling and meditation practice and self-reflective exercises
  • other apprentices with whom to practice your animal communication skills
  • access to the online discussion forum

 By the end of the course you will have:

  • Deepened your own spiritual practice
  • Deepened your connection to the natural world including the animal kingdom
  • Begun to safely develop your ‘second sight’
  • Been introduced to a map of the cosmos as a way towards balance and wholeness
  • Learned how to make a link with an animal so that you can begin to communicate with them
  • Been given the tools to communicate with an animal so that they can truly hear you
  • Learned how to link with an animal just from a photograph
  • Learned how to make a link with living animals
  • Learned how to scan an animal to find out information about health issues
  • Gained the foundation upon which to pursue further study.

Further Study & Diploma:

The Level One Apprenticeship Animal Communication Course is a pre-requisite for advancement onto Animal Communication Apprenticeship Level Two Course & subsequently the Advanced Level as well as the Diploma in Animal Communication. 

apprenticeship fees

Payments for the Animal Communication Apprenticeship Course are offered in the spirit of gift culture for each separate level. In other words, you choose an amount within our sliding scale with which you feel comfortable. 

Our suggested donation guidelines are:

1. choose the lowest figure if you are on benefits or the minimum wage;

2. choose the highest figure if you are relatively affluent (enjoy regular meals out or a holiday every year)

3. the in-between figure for the in-betweeners!

LEVEL ONE – Self Study

£ € $ 165 – 195 – 225


£ € $ 165 – 195 – 225


£ € $ 165 – 195 – 225


£ € $ 165 – 195 – 225

NB: All Apprenticeship Fees are non-refundable.

the college of seership

courses & diploma in animal communication, nature spirituality 

The College of Seership offers online & in person courses in nature spirituality & animal communication. The College of Seership offers an animal communication course, and a certified animal communication course - over a year-long animal communication apprenticeship diploma training course. All of the college's online as well as in person courses are set within the framework of nature based spirituality.

The College of Seership has a list of recommended professional animal communicators offering animal communication consultations to those wanting to understand things from their animal's perspective.  Animal communication consultations can really help your relationship with your animal. Those that complete the Diploma in Animal Communication belong to the Council of Animal Ambassadors and are offered continued professional support through the College's Animal Communication Cafés, Seership Circles, Circles as well as additional workshops & trainings.

Susie Shiner is the founder of the College of Seership and is one of the most highly regarded animal communicators. She has a You Tube channel where you can watch animal communication demonstrations.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.