Animal Communication Consultations

Booking one of our animal communication consultations can really ensure that your animal is being heard & that their point of view is being taken into account. Animals are communicating all the time through a universal language made up of imagery, thought and feeling. As a result, they have real and precise messages to relay to us and often desperately need us to listen..

Animal Communication Courses & Diploma

“We are committed to being a voice for the animal kingdom, spreading awareness of animals as intelligent, sentient beings able to communicate their own wishes and point of view. Our vision is to help heal the relationship between humans, animals and the natural world by raising awareness of the universal language by which all beings communicate with one another.”
Susie Shiner : Founder

animal Communication Consultations

Would you like to…

build a better relationship with your animal?
understand your animal’s perspective?
reassure your animal that you are listening?
shed light on difficult or confusing behaviours?
find out whether your animal is in pain?
make the right choices for your animal?
talk with animals that have passed into spirit?

Our animal communication consultations  can really help you understand your animal better and can assist you with particular queries. Our animal communicators hold a ‘thought conversation’ with your animal on your behalf. During an animal communication consultation, animals that are in physical form or who have passed into spirit are contacted. The incredible thing is that talking to an animal who has passed into spirit feels the same as talking to an animal who is alive.

Animals are connected with using a photograph. Animals can also be seen in person.  Animal Communication Consultations usually last about 45 mins. 

Book An Animal Communication Consultation Today…

“Animal Communication is beyond intuition: it is a direct way of holding a thought conversation with an animal. Through listening to animals in this way one comes to the undeniable truth that they are made of the same soul stuff as we are and that they have far more intelligence and insight than we have been taught.”

All of us can learn how to communicate with an animal telepathically. You do not need to have ‘special powers’!  We offer an Animal Communication Apprenticeship. The animal kingdom will appreciate it!

why not learn how to communicate with animals yourself

the college of seership

courses & diploma in animal communication, nature spirituality 

The College of Seership offers online & in person courses in nature spirituality & animal communication. The College of Seership offers an animal communication course, and a certified animal communication course - over a year-long animal communication apprenticeship diploma training course. All of the college's online as well as in person courses are set within the framework of nature based spirituality.

The College of Seership has a list of recommended professional animal communicators offering animal communication consultations to those wanting to understand things from their animal's perspective.  Animal communication consultations can really help your relationship with your animal. Those that complete the Diploma in Animal Communication belong to the Council of Animal Ambassadors and are offered continued professional support through the College's Animal Communication Cafés, Seership Circles, Circles as well as additional workshops & trainings.

Susie Shiner is the founder of the College of Seership and is one of the most highly regarded animal communicators. She has a You Tube channel where you can watch animal communication demonstrations.

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.