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"Jacinta has a long history in service to animals. It was an absolute honour to get to work so closely with her during her Diploma training. She is incredible at hearing the thoughts of animals and excels in accuracy & sensitivity. I cannot recommend her highly enough!' Susie Shiner
Jacinta Czapska

Jacinta Czapska

Diploma in Animal Communication


Greetings to all fellow animal lovers!
I am truly honoured to be invited to appear on Susie’s website, as one of the graduates of her amazing course on Animal Communication.
This photo shows me with my rescued cockatiel, who is now well over twenty years old!
I grew up with an array of animals around me on a free range farm; they all taught me so much & instilled my life-long love & respect for all animals.
As a young adult, I was honoured to spend several years working with many other exotic species – of all shapes & sizes! 
After this, I volunteered at a local wild animal rescue centre for a year or so & then trained as a veterinary nurse, working in a number of practices for about 12 years, some of that time as Head Nurse.
Several years ago, following a devastating event, I found Reiki – or rather it found me – & it helped me so much that I decided to take the necessary training to become a Master/Teacher of Reiki. I then started my own small business as a reiki practitioner, which continues to this day.
Within that time, I also met Susie & was so drawn to her, I had to sign up for her Animal Communication Course! It was an amazing experience & one that enabled me to expand my mission to be of service to animals.
As a volunteer at my local Animal Shelter for a number of years, sharing Reiki with the animals in most need, I also use animal communication to help them express what they need & so help them feel less frightened & stressed.

Thank You & May Grace Light the Path for You & Yours.

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Animal Communicator Blog Post

“Animal Communication is beyond intuition: it is a direct way of holding a thought conversation with an animal. Through listening to animals in this way one comes to the undeniable truth that they are made of the same soul stuff as we are and that they have far more intelligence and insight than we have been taught.”

During an Animal Communication Consultation,  our animal communicators share a ‘thought conversation’ with your animal on your behalf, helping you to understand your animal better or assisting with particular queries. We contact animals that are in physical form or who have passed into spirit. The incredible thing is that talking to an animal who has passed into spirit feels the same as talking to an animal who is alive. 

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About Susie Shiner: Founder of the school of seership


animal communicator, psychic medium & shamanic teacher

Susie Shiner is one of the UK's most highly regarded animal communicators. She is the Founder of the School of Seership which offers training courses, an apprenticeship and training in Celtic shamanism, druidry & animal communication. Susie also has established a You Tube channel which offers animal communication demonstrations to the public. Susie now concentrates her time on her shamanic teaching through the School of Seership whilst the very best graduates of her Diploma in Animal Communication now offer animal communication consultations. You will find them on this website on the Consultations page. The School of Seership training courses and year long animal communication apprenticeship diploma training course are set within the framework of druidry & Celtic shamanism. 

Susie Shiner has appeared in the press and on radio and TV sending the press 'reeling' with evidence that your animals can really talk.  A gifted pet psychic with exceptional seer and telepathy abilities, she provides animal communication training, animal communication workshops, an online animal communication course as well as a year long animal communication apprenticeship and diploma, teaching you to talk to your pets - just like Dr Doolittle!